Is America Special - Are We Blessed by God?

Omegaman -Oct, 2009

Note: This one was hard to categorize, so it exists in the political, spiritual and blog categories

It is true that American Evangelicals tend to see America as (chose one) chosen, or blessed by God. However, we do not think that we are special, we think that at times when our founders or country have acted in accordance with His principles, that He blesses the actions. This is not unique to America. However, at the founding of our country, there was a yearning for freedom from oppression and control over property, life, and religious practice. In declaring independence from England, the early Americans were merely claiming rights that God gives to all people. The odds that a young, emerging nation could break free from the strangle hold of the world's most powerful nation of the time, were not good. The founders risked everything and sacrificed much, to accomplish a nation where ideally, one could live free enough to worship God in his own way, and have the freedom to engage in profitable ventures, without obscene confiscation of one's gain.

Were they perfect? Of course not. God also called Israel uniquely to His service, and there, were the calling was obvious and clear, even they had many failings.

Just as God calls individuals into specific ministries, is it not possible, that He calls leaders and nations into His service for specific purposes of His own? David was clearly called by God to defeat Goliath to become King. As we all know, David had many failures. He committed adultery and arranged to have his new mistress's noble husband killed in the front lines of battle.

David also trusted too much in his army, and as a result of his pride and poor judgment, thousands of people died. So, we see David as imperfect, a sinner, yet God says he is a man after my own heart. Do David's sins mean that God never trusted Him for specific purposes? Did God not bless David?

God has blessed the U.S. Either we give the credit for our blessings to Him, or claim that we procured them on our own, apart from His aid. Is that proper? The U.S. is not blessed because of anything special we did, but because He wanted to use this nation, and there were some, who answered the call. Whether or not they heard the call, is not the issue, God sets up leaders and nations, and used them, it is no more complicated than that. Many believe, myself included, that He has called us to protect and bring freedom to people of other countries, and to be prosperous, so that we may render charitable aid where needed. As we move into times where America is less and less responsive to that calling, you will see the blessings disappear.

I cannot prove these things, nor can anyone disprove them. However, as many in the world are tired of hearing great things about America, and choose to perceive that as always meaning we have too much pride, greed, imperialism etc., Americans grow weary of hearing the World's criticisms, while accusing us of these things, yet usually quite content to have our help when they are under attack, need disaster relief, want our technology or what have you.

So, are Americans prideful, boastful, lacking humility etc.? Yes, we probably are. However, I cannot help but wonder of those who accuse us of being so, are they not being prideful themselves, when they have difficulty acknowledging things Americans have accomplished, which their countries have not? What motivates this almost vitriolic response we Americans have become so used to expecting, even from foreign nationals living on our soil? Every American knows the type, they come here, enjoy the opportunities and benefits of living here, while telling us how much better it is in their country.

Isn't it time to have more positive dialogue, and look internally to how we can better ourselves, our neighborhoods, and our countries, and get the gospel out to a dying world, or shall we continue in these petty, exercises of nationalistic pride, trying to make ourselves feel superior or less inferior. Why not, instead of always attacking each other's shortcomings, encourage the things we all do right? Just a thought.