Is Math Art?


In my opinion math is not art, it is science. However, math can be used as a medium through which aesthetically pleasing expressions are created. Music, is very mathematical. The rhythms are the most obvious part of math in music, measures of time and sequence are on every sheet of sheet music, though they are denoted in music's own special symbols. The notes also, are numeric, the describe the frequency of oscillation which we know as pitch. Harmony and chords, a special relationships of these things, which can all be described in mathematical terms. Most musicians and songwriters do not think of music in terms of numbers, but the numbers are there, nonetheless. It is possible, to create music with a knowledge of the mathematical relationships which exist in music. Music is not mere sound or noise, it is specially ordered sound.

In much the same way, out universe is is not random noise, it is specially ordered arrangements of time, space, energy, and matter. Anyone who takes the time to consider the complexities of life, matter, and stellar relationships and does not come away changed and impressed by the masterful and ingenious relationships of these things all around us, is dead somewhere inside.

The Creator not only engineered and painted the universe with form and function, He also added asthetic qualities. He created mankind in His image. While we canot create from nothing as He can, we can express our creative aspects by rearranging some things on the Master's pallette.

Visual art may be a bit less obviously mathematical, but it can be also. Geometry is math describing shapes, and of course those shapes have an appearance. Colors, are frequencies of lights, analogous to pitch in music. Combining these things are often done for aesthetic purposes. The are other expressions of math which can have stunning visual impact, very complex forms,

Here are a few of mine, done as an act of imitation of God's creative genius. While it pales in comparison to the simplest things God has created, I am thankful to Him, that I can enjoy the things he alone provides, including our creative expressions. Because I lack the skills to bring forth such designs by handicraft, I employ the aid of a computer and mathematical information to bring forth digital art, it allows me to imagine in my head what I am after, and translate these ideas into computer code which than then be displayed for viewing. I hope you enjoy viewing them.