My next live study is scheduled for 7:00 P.M. Pacific Time on June 11th, 2011 at


The first study, will be an introduction to the book of Romans, and subsequent weeks we will hopefully explore our way through the entire book, ending perhaps in September or October. See study time in your local time.

Notice: The above information was for live (real time) study. We are not able to do that at the present moment, However, you are invited to participate in  web bible study, where you can learn on your own schedule. I am hosting  bible studies by Pastor DuWayne Lee, and you are welcome to join in.  The format is simple, there is a section of scripture text added most every week. As I write this, we are going through the book of Romans, but there are a few other books there already. After reading the text (or listening to it, or both at the same time) there is a set of questions (usually 15 to 20) which you answer from the text. In answering the questions, you are able to get things out of the text, that the Lord has for you there to know. To make this easy, there is even an automatic verse look up feature, and you can copy and paste from that the portion of scripture that answeres the question, then just modify that information make it an answer to the question. There are also other study materials there (notes and commentaries, to help you deepen your understanding. Much of the material is in PDF format, so that you may make easy, clean looking pages to print and keep in a notebook as I do.

If you are interested in this study opportunity, send an email to