Contacting me

I am aware that sometimes the things I write, provoke passionate responses from those who disagree with me. I know also that some people want more information or clarification on things I have written, and occasionally, someone wants to thank me. I get a tremendous volume of emails daily, so it is not possible for me to assure you that I will read yours or reply to your email even if I do read it. If you really want tocommunicate with me, your best opportunity is to try to catch me in the chatrooms at . I am generally there in evenings and early mornings (after midnight) Pacific time (U.S. - GMT-8). I am there sporadically sometimes, and regularly at others. Sorry that I am unable to be more accommodating.  However, if you want to inform me of something, or just get it off your chest you can contact me using the email link below, just be aware that I may not be able to reply to you. Please note, the following is not a real email address, but using the link of this fake one, will work. It will not work if you type the email address in to the "To:" box.