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For any who might have stumbled across this, not knowing a thing about me, I am an administrator at, a christian online chat community. This is a copy of my contributions to the Admin's Blog

This is a work in progress - be patient

Why is the Bible Such a Problem? July 2, 2011
Did Jesus rise from the dead? February 7, 2011
Propaganda, deception, myth, junk science, can you distinguish the truth? December 16, 2010
Fun with Numbers and the Probability of God’s Existence September 3, 2010
It’s My Right! August 22, 2010
Little Things That Annoy Me April 27, 2010
Can you hear the music in the silence? April 21, 2010
Is there such a thing as compassionate conservatism? February 26, 2010
Looking at the topic of health care. July 25, 2009
Are you a poor American? October 18, 2007
Lessons from the McDonalds Hot Coffee Lawsuit May 6, 2008
How I Study the Bible – one approach Sept 18, 2008









Anxiety over the spread of this new flu strain April 30, 2009

Why have you forsaken me? April 11, 2009

On the significance of the age of the Earth February 28, 2009

Elections and unintended consequences October 2, 2008

How I Study the Bible – one approach September 28, 2008

Blogs, censorship, debate, and critical thinking July 4, 2008



Why is the church divided by denominations? September 4, 2007

Are we ignorant? August 16, 2007

Please, it is someone else’s turn to blog! June 30, 2007

Is the Old Testament for today – one opinion January 15, 2007

My Split Pesonality November 22, 2006

Adversity or oportunity April 14, 2006

What worthy means to me. April 11, 2006