About Me


This page is going to be difficult, because of any subject which I address in this website, this is the one I know the most about yet want to share the least about. I am writing this on January 15th, 2019, yet I satrted this website in February of 2007, 12 years ago, my, how time flies. I have not even thought through what it is that I ought to share here.

This website, was started for my own personal use, just a way to store some thoughts and collections of things, that I might want to access online from time to time, but also to share some of those things with a few others. I have not made any serious efforts to promote this site, I use it mostly to share things witha handful of online friends. Therefore, do not expect the site to be very professional, it is not designed to attract visitors, subscribers and the like.

The sorts of things I publish on this site, are things that I have found interesting, or in someway worth keeping. Some of the things are my own writings, and are a way to share my thoughts with some of my friends. I suppose I have gone through some phases over the years, and some of my thoughts have changed. Some of the things here, I transferred from a previous website of mine, so they go back quite a bit earlier than 2007.

So, what should I share about myself? It seems to me that some might want to know personal details, but I cannot think of many reasons to share those. I may or may not, share some in the future.

More importanly, some might want to know my testimony, how I came to the Christian faith, I will probably add that at a later time. Right now, I am just making this page, so  the About Me link, had somewhere to go.

Most importantly, might be my credentials, why am I qualified to share the kinds of information that I do, particularlly in regards to theology. That one is simple. I have no formal training in theology, in fact, I do not have a degree in any topic, so there is no reason to consider me an authority, and I do not claim to be one. All I can say for myself in this regard, is that I have been studying the Bible for about 4 decades now, and I have come to some conclusions about what I have read and learned from it. I urge you, to always look and see for yourself, if what I say aligns with scripture. Scripture has more authority that any doctor of theology, or any clergyman, and that is the what we should use to measure thier accuracy,

Enough about that for now, I am just a layman with opinions which are my own, and I share them on this site.