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The musings, rants, opinions, articles, and errors of Omegaman 3.0 and other contributors, oh yeah, and a few other bonuses.

 What this is.

Hello, my name is O. Mega Mann (yes it is a fictitious name). This is just a place that I have made to collect articles that either I have written, or were written by others, but seemed relevant or interesting to me at the time. Some of these are of a political or social nature. These tend to be opinions formed from a conservative world view. Sometimes, the are geocentric, focusing on items of importance to the United States, but may be applicable abroad. Sometimes, these opinions prove to be erroneous or perhaps imperfect might be a better description. They are listed on a following page in chronological order. I have, so far, never removed one, even if the opinions expressed seem less valid after the benefit of some hindsight. I do this, as a matter of intellectual honesty - I do not run from things I have said, don't hide them, I own up to them. This helps keep me cautious about the things I write or republish. Many of these articles are to chronicle events that go unreported or under-reported by the general media.

There is a second grouping of articles, which are of a spiritual nature, written from the perspective of a Bible believing Christian (no, not everyone who calls themselves a Christian believes the Bible). These articles, are primarily authored by myself. I recognize that I am just as likely to make an error in this area, as in the political area, but should I ever discover such an error, I will correct it, as I take very seriously the responsibility to accurately address spiritual issues and scriptural teachings, and will not leave them here where they could possibly lead someone into error. So far, I have never had to remove an article, but of course, that day will eventually come.

Some articles are a blend of social, political and spiritual topics and ideas, and might be found in any category.

There is a third category. It is much like the other two, it contains the things that I have published at the Worthychat Blog, the topics there are varied. I chose to keep a copy here because I like having backups.  I suspect that the formatting here, will be a little easier to read than at the Worthychat Blog.

One last thing. Although I allow this site to be searched by search engines, I do not attempt to increase traffic to this site.. I am not looking for traffic - I do not really want it, often that means extra work for me. However, feel free to use the site of share it with others if you think there is anything that would benefit them, especially the spiritual things here. I occasionally refer an acquaintance to some article here, as I cannot remember all of these details and cannot take the time to regurgitate them if I could. Basically, it is a way I can share my opinions with a chosen few. Some of these acquaintances have shown my articles to others, who have shown them to others. At least I think that is why the page hit counter shows the number it does. I do not prohibit this practice, but I do request that any who use this site and pass it on to others, also pass on my request not to link to it. A link on your Facebook page, or other  page limited to some friends is fine, but I would like to avoid links on high traffic pages.

Otherwise, enjoy your visit, feel free to copy text snippets, but give credit to the authors. If you want to post an entire article, I cannot grant permission to do so on behalf of other authors, you will have to obtain your own permission.

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 February 4, 2016
It has been over a year since I have updated this page of the site. I am pleased to say, that while there was some adjustment to being without my wife of 30 years, the transition has been easy, and I am content, even happy. Financially, I have been able to manage well on my small pension and Social Security payments. I am developing my abilities as an artist, both in concrete and in paintings on canvas. While my needs are met through my Social Security and pension payments, there was not enough left over after living expenses to be very generous toward others. So, this is why I paint, to raise money for various charities. Thank you Lord for your continued provision. I should add, that a young man at church gave me his old car, and that should prove helpful in helping me to be more of a tent maker (a term Christians use of one trying to minister to others, and not be a financial burden to them).

June 14, 2014
A few days ago, my wife went into the hospital, what seemed like a minor medical problem as first, came to be understood as something more serious. It turned out that she had a blockage for her gall bladder, which led to a septic infection. Long story short, she died this evening. The men in my family, tend to die young, the women in my wife's family, tended to live long lives. I never thought that I would outlive her, but I always hoped that I would. My thinking was that I would rather she be spared the grief of dealing with my death, and the stresses that  come, from putting affairs in order. I am thankful, that God saw fit in His wisdom, to take her home first and am so blessed to have the assurance that she is now home with Him, she as graduated from this life and gone on ahead.

Feb 1, 2014
Major siezure, strokes, hypertension and congestive heart failure. Hospital bills, ambulance rides, medication costs, lab work etc, have not helped our financial situation, however, we have received assistance from Medi-Cal, so it has not created financial ruin for us.

Jan  11, 2014
Receiving Social Security - The last 5 years have been difficult, this should help a lot. Thanks to all who have contributed over the years, your donations made a huge difference.

Jan 1, 2014
The wife had a bit of income again which carried us over, He is faithful.
That income is dissappearing, but soon we may be on Social Security. If that pans out, that will make a huge difference.

July 17, 2013
The wife had a bit of income last month, which carried us over, but we spend hundreds on plumbing repairs and the new water bill is almost $230, next one should be between $70 and $100 I hope. We don't have the money to pay the bills again, but God seems always to be faithful, and it won't take much of a bump in eBayl sales to get us through, or whatever other means God will choose to use.

May 22, 2013
Low ebay sales in April and May and a new underground plumbing leak have conspired to leave us overdue on utility bills and short $129. Have paid electricity and gas, but water may be turned off any days now.

April 30, 2012
Received a generous donation of $50 from a young woman/friend.

Feb 20, 2013
Had a good run of ebay sales, thank you Lord!

Jan 24, 2013
Just had an unanticipated expense of about $300, oh well, still no critical need.

Jan 3, 2013
Sold two expensive items online, so needs are already met for the remainder of Jan, 2013 and perhaps well into Feb. No donations requested at this time.

Dec. 27th, 2012
Wow, just wow. Well, it happened again. We do not give much in the way of Christmas gifts, no funds for it, so we make things, we do things, or buy small things. We usually (always) go to the in-laws for Christmas. Since we moved to the desert to get out from under a mortgage we could not afford, this means travelling a couple of hundred miles, round trip for Christmas dinner. We do not own a car, so that means renting one, and then there is fuel, and it is all very expensive. One of our sons (a trucker) came into town, rented a car, and drove use there and back and paid for the fuel, so we did not have that expense, that was a blessing. Had enough money this month that I paid all the bills except one, the water bill. Actually have enough for that, but then the bank account would be zeroed out essentially. So going into January, did not look good. I sold something on Ebay for $18, and was going into my PayPal account to arrange postage, and there I discovered another donation, like the last one, from a "C.S." again. I do not recall the name of the last donation, but it was also from a C.S., perhaps the same person. This time, for $100. How wonderful! Thank you so much!

Sep. 27th, 2012
I was doing some finances and discovered a new donation, of $63, Thank you C.S. People, some of you have no idea how faithful God can be. I had the funds for all my bills this month except one, the water bill, which was $60.12 After PayPal's cut there was $60.87 let. Skeptics might say if it was God's hand, it would have come to $60.12 exactly. I thank God that I am no longer a skeptic, what a depressing way to live I thank God for people like C.S. who live their faith out day to day. Just as in the last entry, I remain amazed at God's goodness.

Aug., 2012
We have received no donations from this site, in 9 months, and I praise God for that, for it is a demonstration that God can provide in any number of ways. I now receive a pension of $115 a month, the first regular income in over 4 years.  I am maintaining a new bible study site, which you can see at, and I am getting $25 a month in appreciation of that, which pays the cost of hosting my websites. Having this expense taken care of, is a blessing, as I derive occasional small income from things offered for sale on those sites. Ebay sales this month were low, $40, and that just today, still, it is $40 I did not have and I am grateful. I am working each day on ways to produce income, and I believe within 6 months, I may have a regular income stream which can predictably support the family. We have gone this far, without real income, and I am constantly amazed that the lights are still on, but they are. We indeed do have an amazing God. 

Nov. 15th, 2011
We have needed no financial help since May, 2011. It has been tight, but we have managed with help from God through His provision and His faithful servants. However, at the moment, it looks like we are facing utilities being turned off, so we are again open to receiving help if you feel led. Thank you for your consideration.

Jan. 20th, 2011

Well, we had a bad underground water leak. Our last water bill was $226, the current water bill is $288. Our son, in the army, gave us his tax refund check at the beginning of the month, and December was a good month for me on eBay, we received about $400 from sales of junk out of the garage. With all of that income, we were able to catch up our bills for the month of December. Of course, most of our past debt is still looming over us, but we are trying. With the money from our son, we fixed the water leak, but the $288 bill was still to come, and the money was not there for that, or the current natural gas bill. I was checking the PayPal account to see if there was enough money to pay a bill I have for $25, and there was. There was also a blessing for us there, someone donated a significant amount a few days ago, so I am pleased to announce, that for the Month of January and for some time into February, I think we will be o.k. Bless you sir, for your generous donation, it was extremely timely, I cannot help but see God's hand in this. I thank you, and praise God for His provision, and the love of the saints.

May 30th, 2010

Well, since January, our bills and expenses have been met. Out living expenses are pretty low,   being without a car for about a year, had been challenging. It makes it very hard to earn money, but at the same time, not paying for fuel and upkeep, insurance etc., does lower your bills. We have friends from church who give us a ride to church and to our home fellowship group. We always seem to be able to get a ride for any ministry opportunities, or sometimes I ride my son's bicycle. Kind neighbors, let us tag along when they go food shopping, that is how we get to the market most of the time. This month, it looked as though we were not going to make our utility bills (we were past due and expecting a shut off or two at any moment, but at the last moment, my son paid the water bill, and a generous $50 donation came through this website and low and behold, our bills were paid yet again, just in the nick of time, that we have become so accustomed too. We thank the faithful for their help, and of course our Heavenly Father, who provides all of our needs, according to His riches and glory.


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